The Science

A Scientific Review of IBMS™!


Every IBMS™ session provides stress reduction.  However, it is important to note that while you are in a state of deep physical relaxation and total mental clarity, it is also possible to effectively and quickly condition your brain to achieve specific objectives like building self-esteem, improving your golf game, conquering test anxiety, overcoming trauma, etc.   Every IBMS™ session can provide an immediate benefit to everybody because with the body’s enhanced ability to fully relax, it is supplied with an abundance of energy, oxygen, nutrition and optimum blood flow.


Fundamentally, the system works because the brain needs a comprehensive blueprint and the proper software to direct the nervous system to achieve a desired goal.   Normally, this blueprint develops over years of trial and error decision-making combined with constant repetition, which is the foundation for dendrite formation (software) that directs your mental activities.  Using golf as an example, the sport requires years of practice, on-course play, the selection of proper clubs, the development of an ability to relax, focus, align, breathe, and swing in order to play well. All of these are components of the blueprint to pull off the perfect game.  By practicing you build the dendrites (software) to execute the swing and play the game.  The IBMS™ assists you in achieving your goal faster while bypassing all the years it would normally take because you can quickly condition your brain to perform the desired swing and play your best game while listening to the IBMS™ program.   Results will vary with each person.


Remember, the IBMS™ program utilizes a combination of brain states and generic “I” based audio commands to effectively program the mind and nervous system so that the result you want is permanently installed as software in the brain.   It is important to understand that you must be in a specific brain state at a specific time in order to achieve the proper programming.   You must be in the beta state (14-30 hertz) to clearly define your objective.  You then must shift to the alpha state (7-13 hertz) to be able to create a blueprint for action.  Immediately thereafter you must return to the beta state (14-30 hertz) to commit to the blueprint.  Then you must transfer to the theta state (3-6 hertz) so that the brain can begin building the new dendrites and install this new software throughout the nervous system.  


Note:  The brain has no sense of the concept of time.


With this process, you are able to produce results that might normally require years to produce.  The IBMS™ was created to function within the natural mechanism of the nervous system, which is why the sessions are so effective.  It simply allows natural neurological mechanisms to function faster and more efficiently.


Note:  You can only achieve objectives that are intrinsically beneficial and derived from your personal goals and desires.  


If you instinctively believe that your objective is right for you then you will achieve it.   While the IBMS™ facilitates your ability to achieve your objective faster and more efficiently, please be aware that any stress reduction or conditioning system that is not based on your instincts will not be permanent and can actually cause negative effects.  For instance, hypnotists use the alpha state to manipulate and control human behavior and can direct you to behave in a manner contrary to your natural instincts for a limited time (witness the ridiculous antics of hypnotized subjects on stage), but once you return from the alpha state, there is no further programming.  This is because you cannot build dendrites in the alpha state; therefore, there is no software to initiate further action.   This is why hypnotic suggestion has to be constantly repeated.  It is, in fact, brainwashing.  The person being hypnotized is required to give control of their mind to the brainwasher.   We believe this can be harmful and can even cause multiple personality disorders in some subjects.  It surely creates a dependency in the subject and has the potential to lead to bipolar disorder and, in extreme cases, to paranoia and/or schizophrenia.   


Note: The techniques, sounds and music used in the audio session are based on modern science, clinical research, and therapeutic experience and have no religious or organizational affiliations.  



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