The Concept & Benefits from IBMS™ Stress Reduction System

The IBMS is comprised of 3 Audio CD's each of which is about 20 minutes in length.  The package includes a 28-page manual with complete instructions, explanations, information and answers to frequently asked questions.


The concept is simple:  all of us deal with mental, emotional and physical stress on a daily basis.  When we work out at the gym, we exercise (stress) our muscles to the point of exhaustion - the next day our muscles feel sore. After a time of rest our muscles are stronger and ready for more - but it's the time of rest that creates this positive outcome.


In most cases, mental and emotional stress is constantly weighing upon us with no rest period - from morning till night - even in our dreams.  Many of us have had the opportunity to wear ankle weights at one time or another.  When we first put them on they feel heavy and force us to use extra energy and effort to walk around.  After a short while, we no longer notice the weights - but when we take them off....  Wow... we fell so light on our feet that walking feels almost effortless! Can you imagine being able to shed all of your worries, anxieties, pressures, anger and tension in only 20 minutes?


These CD's are designed to help us take of the "weight" of our mental and emotional stress thereby giving our minds and emotions the critical time of rest where they can become stronger.  Because the body only regenerates and heals when in a relaxed state or deep restful sleep, the only effective way to prevent this stress-induced damage is to experience frequent and effectual deep relaxation phases.    Without this time of rest, the c continuous, uninterrupted emotional and/or mental stress will inevitably lead to an energy breakdown, which in turn will be followed by a health breakdown from a compromised immune system.


The IBMS includes three highly advanced Audio CD's each of which runs about 20 minutes in length.  Lying comfortably in a dark room one listens to an Audio CD using stereo headphones.  The highly advanced and coordinated sound frequencies resemble a very relaxing and pleasing type of music. As the frequencies change with precise timing you can feel amazing waves of relaxation, pleasure and peace flowing beautifully through your mind, body and emotions.  After 20 minutes you feel as if you are floating on clouds.


After a 20-minute session most people feel as though they just had a restful night’s sleep, leaving them energized, regenerated and revitalized! It's an experience that is very difficult to describe in words - most would describe it as unparalleled  "musical massage" of the body and mind that induces a state of deep relaxation that gives your mind and emotions the critical time of rest that they need.    


Note: The techniques, sounds and music used in the audio session are based on modern science, clinical research, and therapeutic experience and have no religious or organizational affiliations.

Why Deal With Stress?

Untreated, constant (chronic) mental and emotional stress can shorten life expectancy, poor quality of life and result in numerous health challenges. Alleviating the stress allows you pursue a happy life on your own terms.

 What is the primary physiological effect of stress?

Chronic stress leads to dehydration, one of the primary causes of physical degeneration, atrophy, and death.

Scientifically confirmed symptoms of dehydration are:


• DNA damage

• Lowered immune functions

• Inability to absorb foods, vitamins and minerals

• Lack of energy supply from digestion

• Reduction in efficiency of red blood cells



Some emotional manifestations of dehydration include:


• Depression

• Anxiety

• Feelings of inadequacy

• Irritability

• Dejection

• Self-consciousness

• Cravings (caffeine, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

• Agoraphobia



Scientifically recognized physical signs of dehydration include:


• Fibromyalgia

• Asthma

• Bronchitis

• Allergies

• Indigestion/acid reflux

• Chronic arthritic pain

• High blood pressure

• Higher cholesterol

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Angina

• Strokes

• Ear related symptoms, dizziness, equilibrium problems

• Deafness

• Visual problems

• Cataract

• Vitreous detachment

• Uveitis

• Multiple Sclerosis

Note:  The main cause of dehydration (other than not drinking water) is stress!


Continuous, uninterrupted mental and/or emotional stress often goes unrecognized and untreated. This will sap the body’s energy reserves and eventually lead to a health breakdown and severe illness. Complete physical exhaustion (stress) will halt the body’s ability to continue any activity at a specific point in time, but will seldom cause a health breakdown. Physical stress can be alleviated by proper rest and nutrition and/or reducing workload.




Stress causes many people to overeat and gain unwanted pounds causing more stress and leading to more eating and so on. A generally unrecognized fact is that, when you are stressed, your digestive system basically shuts down so you are unable to convert food to energy…and, in the opinion of the author, lack of energy is the primary cause of illness


Stress can lead to anxiety, which can lead to depression, which can lead to more anxiety then more depression, and so the cycle continues.   It all leads to lack of energy, and lack of energy is the primary cause of illness.


Stress induced health breakdowns lead to increased stress which leads to a weaker immune system, thus resulting in greater and more dangerous health breakdowns.   This cycle stems from lack of energy, and lack of energy is the primary cause of illness.


What are some of the symptoms of mental and emotional stress?


 The symptoms of mental and emotional stress can be divided into two categories -  physical and psychological.


Physical Symptoms:


• Exhaustion, fatigue, lethargy

• Headaches, migraines, vision problems

• Heart palpitations, racing pulse, rapid shallow breathing

• Muscle tension, aches, spasms

• Dehydration, cold hands and/or feet, poor circulation

• Joint and back pain

• Shakiness, tremors, ticks, twitches, paralysis

• Nervousness, panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, ulcers

• Heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation

• Dry mouth and throat,

• Sexual dysfunction, lowered libido

• Excessive sweating, clammy hands

• Rashes, hives, itching, eczema, adult acne

• Nail biting, fidgeting, hair twirling or pulling

• Loss of appetite, bulimia, anorexia

• Obesity, overeating

• Sleep difficulties, insomnia

• Teeth grinding

• Asthma, allergies

• Increased use of alcohol and/or drugs and medication

• High blood pressure, weakened immune system


Psychological Symptoms:


• Irritability, impatience, anger, hostility

• Anxiety, panic, worrying, denial

• Agoraphobia

• Moodiness, bipolar tendencies, sadness, feeling upset

• Energy swings

• Emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed

• Involuntarily crying, depression

• Helplessness, hopelessness, lack of self-esteem

• Neurotic or uncommon behavior, schizophrenia

• Paranoia, claustrophobia, ADD, ADHD

• Intrusive and/or racing thoughts

• Memory loss, lack of concentration, indecision

• Lack of motivation

• Frequent absences from work, lowered productivity

• Feeling overwhelmed

• Loss of sense of humor





14 benefits you'll receive from the IBMS System:

1. Top-of-the-morning energy. Recapture what you enjoy first thing in the morning, when you wake up relaxed, calm and peaceful. It's a natural state of  relaxation, and IBMS™ helps you recapture this top-of-the-morning energy in just 20 minutes.

2. Increased threshold for stress. You will notice a dramatic improvement in the way you respond to stress, including challenges and setbacks. With an increased threshold for stress, you'll have a  better grip on your emotions. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, worn out or frazzled —  you'll be more resilient and bounce back. Being resilient enables you to stay focused, so that you can get things done faster and more efficiently during the day. 

3. Instant mental stimulation — without reading books, attending seminars, or popping pills and potions. This is a Lazy Man’s way to jumpstart your brain! Simply close your eyes and listen to IBMS™ -- it's never been easier to STIMULATE and CONDITION your mind to function at an elevated capacity.

4. Instant stress relief. IBMS™ gives you a practical coping strategy that you can use instantly at home, work or social situations— whenever stress strikes.

5. Instant motivation — to carry out your intentions. Finally, you will be able to get rid of bad habits and unresolved issues that have stubbornly resisted change

6. Instantly feel good! A wonderful burst of energy comes when you feel calm, relaxed and upbeat.  When you feel good, you're happy. With IBMS™, you'll feel good instantly.

7. Instant mental processing power. IBMS™ breakthrough technology helps you to think sharper, clearer and faster than ever before. With IBMS™, you'll also be a better problem solver and implement creative solutions. (Because you always think more clearly when you're calm, relaxed and feeling good— versus stressed-out, tense or anxious)

8. Instant emotional stability. Finally, you can stabilize your emotions—so that mood swings, anxiety, rage, and depression are in the past.

9. Instant brainwave entrainment. When you listen to IBMS™, you'll hear a rhythm that actually stimulates your brain.  As a result, your neurons will start to fire a response and vibrate at the same frequency. Your brainwaves are entraining (or synchronizing)
10. Fast results in record time! You'll receive results by listening to IBMS™ just 20 minutes a day. If you’re pressed for time, try setting your alarm clock to wake up an hour early. Just put on your headphones, and go back to sleep. Another idea is to listen before going to sleep. Better yet, you could listen during the time that you usually watch TV.

11. No hassles! The convenient cd format of IBMS™ makes it easy for you to enjoy a relaxation session any time, any place. You don’t need to go to an office, join a club, or pay a membership fee. You aren’t dependent upon anyone or tied into a contract.

12. No special equipment required. All you need is a CD player and headphones.

13. Avoid wasting tremendous amounts of time, energy and money. Nothing is more frustrating than buying something that doesn't work or get results. IBMS™ is scientifically-based and it works. This product took Dr Coldwell

14. No New Age or religious emphasis! The technology of brainwave entrainment is scientific, and does not rely on any form of mysticism or religious practice. For this reason, IBMS™ is useful for all individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs.


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