Here are some of countless testimonials
for use of Dr. Coldwell’s Stress Reduction CDs!

Since Dr. Coldwell's Systems and techniques have been used over the years under different development or sub names the system names have been put together under IBMS™ for Instinct Based Medicine System™ for your convenience and easy reading.

Listens to IBMS™ CDs for panic attacks

"Thanks for sending me the IBMS™ cds. I listened to them twice and already noticed a difference. I am 23 years old, and have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. Things have gotten so bad, that I feel anxious about leaving the house. All I can think about is making money. I have five businesses, and I want to raise enough money so that my family from the Middle East can immigrate to America. Unfortunately, my bouts with anxiety and panic distract me from my work and cause me to lose focus." Ronnie Diamonds. Rivers Edge, New Jersey.

 "I am a driver for Federal Express, and have been struggling with anxiety attacks and stress.

I ordered IBMS™ CDs because I needed to do something about my emotional problems. I am getting married, and want to make sure that my new relationship starts off on the right foot. After listening to IBMS™ several times, I already notice a difference in myself-- more calm and relaxed. I am now ordering IBMS™ for my teenage daughter as well." Donald Aiken, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

 Patients at mental health agency listen to IBMS™ to cope with anxiety, depression and Obsessive-Compulsive! 

"I work for a community mental health agency, and have been using the IBMS™ with my patients who suffer from anxiety, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with good results." Lois Hollow, Dunbarton, New Hampshire. 

IBMS™ helps man recovering from prostate cancer

"My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and he listens to the IBMS™ cds. I have lived with my wonderful husband for almost 52 years and want him with me many more years. We both want him well and on his way. As soon as we can, we plan on buying all the cds that go with Dr. Coldwell's IBMS™ cds. Even though my husband is the one with the cancer, I have anxiety from time to time with concern for him. The IBMS™ cds keep me calmed down and give me hope along with constant prayer. We are so thankful to have the privilege of being associated with you and Dr. Hohn. We feel his information is invaluable to everyone who wants to take charge of his or her well-being. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts." Augustine & Robert (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ for yourself, friends & family

"I use IBMS™ myself, and love the relaxed feeling that I get from it. I have also ordered the cds for my four grown children and several friends. I just ordered the stress reduction package for a friend who has lung cancer. In fact, I have ordered so many IBMS™ cds that I should be getting an affiliate commission! Just kidding, keep up the good work!" Marvin Herbel. Mead, Washington.

College student less jittery & anxious

"I'm only 5 days away from completing the IBMS™ cycle. Some sessions early on were shaky, but getting better. I've also fallen asleep during some of the sessions. Is this normal? I end up waking up right at the end when you're told to open your eyes. I only realized that I fell asleep because it seemed like only a few minutes had gone by. Not noticing a lot of results, but I'm sleeping better and certainly feeling a difference right after each session. After the 21 days, I'll keep going for a little longer, then probably just do sessions on weekends in the morning/early afternoon when I'm awake and able to stay that way. Perhaps I have come a long way from where I started. I used to be very jittery and anxious, but am getting a grip on that now."
Michael Volpi. Burnaby, British Columbia. Canada.

IBMS™ is phenomenal!

"Wow, wow, wow, phenomenal is the word for it! The IBMS™ CDs are phenomenal! I listened to the first CD and said "Wow, this friend needs them, that friend needs them, another needs them for his cancer, etc.' that's why I just ordered four more IBMS™ stress reduction packages. I know in my heart that IBMS™ will benefit everyone. I can FEEL Dr. Coldwell's words, when he says, "This is my time" and "I am important”. and that makes me feel so good! I hear the water running in my head, the blue water clearing my body, and sounds from left to right in my head.  I've never heard relaxation CDs like this before. Tears run down my cheeks, and I am so happy while listening to these CDs. Listening for 20 minutes seems like five minutes. Once it's over, I can't believe I've been listening for 20 minutes. It's unbelievable. IBMS™ is absolutely fantastic and I recommend these CDs to everyone." 
Juanita Tremblay, Montréal, Quebec. Canada

Gimme two more IBMS™ Packages!

"I'm very happy with the IBMS™ system. I ordered the IBMS™ Package for myself a couple of weeks ago, and I see such an improvement in my life that I bought two more CD sets for my mom and sister. They are looking forward to using the system as well."  Kristine Dietrich. Onalaska, Wisconsin

Top-of-the-morning energy with IBMS™

"I listen to the IBMS™ cds first thing every morning. I am going through a divorce after 29 years of marriage and have two teenage boys.  I had to go to court this week for the first time and it was way over the top in the stress department! I know I'm coping much better than I would be if I did not’t have IBMS™. It is a gift to me! IBMS™ is wonderful and it's making a huge difference in my life. Dr Coldwell’s voice is so comforting too!" 
Joan Schaefer, RN  Massachusetts.    

IBMS™ keeps you healthy & wise!

“I have had the privilege of reviewing and critiquing the IBMS™ System by Dr. Leonard Coldwell. I am pleased to highly recommend the program to everyone interested in remaining healthy and wise; I believe the program should not solely target “cancer patients” or those suffering from chronic disease. The positive conditioning of the brain is CRITICAL in helping the body maintain good health by relieving stress. The American consumer is in dire need of such a powerful bio-feedback tool."

"In researching the last 40 years of medical trends for my book, Secret Assassins in Food, I was stunned to learn that certain amino acids have been manipulated in order to fool the brain into food addictions and then into compulsive disorders. America has been consuming these “excito-toxins” in record amounts; processed and so-called “fast foods” as well as prepared school lunches are literally loaded with these toxic taste enhancers. As a result, the average American’s cognitive skills decline, stress typically increases. As stress increases, so does the incidence of chronic disease and disability. Dr. Coldwell’s IBMS™ System is aptly named - it truly breaks the destructive downward cycle, and is a very powerful tool in helping the individual rehabilitate his/her brain.”

A. True Ott, PhD. President, Mother Earth Minerals, Inc. Ogden, Utah. 

 So energized with IBMS™  that past misery seems unreal!

“It is amazing how mentally wonderful and healthy I'm feeling these days. And it's going to get much, much better! It is unbelievable to feel the way I'm feeling now compared to the excruciating mental misery and physically weak and sluggish state that has been the case since my mid-teens, and all of my adult life. I'm feeling so fantastic that it seems that the long endured horror of the past seems somewhat unreal. The difference in heaven and hell takes place right here on this planet. It is as if I've endured or journeyed through hell, and now I am entering a paradise of well-being. It is hard now to feel too sorry about all of the decades of torment in the midst of this newfound pleasantness. I still have much to do to improve upon what I am now doing, but for the first time in my life, I feel that I can look forward to what can be considered a life thanks to the IBMS™ system!”  Laurence (city and state unknown)

College student's confidence and energy level soars with IBMS™

 "When I first heard of the IBMS™, I came into it with an open mind, knowing that stress is linked to so many diseases and problems that Americans face daily. Being 20 years old is tough in today’s world. There is constant pressure from all sides. In college, you are under constant stress to make the grades, impress your friends and prove to your parents that you aren't a mess-up. This can cause the mind and body to get a little stressed out. Although I have not yet experienced the real world (what ever that is) I can live my live knowing that stress will have an outlet with IBMS™ in my life. I have experienced many benefits from the IBMS™, including more energy, a clearer mind, and more confidence. When I'm in this state of relaxation, I feel I can handle life's challenges and obstacles better. I absolutely love the system and recommend it to anybody who experiences stress. Use the IBMS™ system with an open mind and understanding of the negative effects of stress on the body. You will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!"  Ryan Matt. Evansville, Indiana.

I recommend  IBMS™ to my loved ones, students and employees!

"A fellow colleague first introduced me to the IBMS™ CDs. I found it to be second to none. I am so impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of your program that I recommend it to all of my loved ones, students, employees and associates. Thank you for developing and continuing to expand these stress elimination materials. You are providing us all with a means to optimal health through stress reduction." Andrew Bruex, CEO from Industrial Logic. Berkeley, California.

IBMS™ energizes Dad recovering from prostate cancer

“My father is 95 years old and has Prostate Cancer. He has been complaining about not having much energy and only being able to work for about 5 minutes before he had to sit down and rest. He also complains about not being able to sleep at night. I got him the IBMS™, which he listens to regularly. He now has energy and a week after he had started listening to the sessions he told me that he has been sleeping late. His visit to the Urologist showed a decrease in his PSA. All in all, this is a wonderful system.” Minita  (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ gives me energy to carry out my intentions!

“I found the IBMS™ to be an effective product for reducing my internal stress levels. I had the opportunity to use the system a couple of years ago and it really made a difference in my life. I found I handled stress better by not reacting so much; I also had more self-confidence, and found myself making healthier choices everyday. I was without the system for the last two years and felt very frustrated. It seems to be the missing link that I need to bring all my good thoughts and intentions to fruition. I highly recommend this product for anyone who feels they are struggling to live to their full potential.” Moira  (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ helps me recover from Raynauds and Scleroderma

“Thank you so much for the IBMS™! I have Raynauds and Scleroderma. I am using DCS™, and am juicing everyday. I am getting better very slowly, but nonetheless BETTER! I can’t state it enough how unbelievable I feel and how well I am doing. I have been doing all that is recommended for about seven months (but have lived with Raynauds for the past 16 years) and have improved maybe 50%. I think that is a lot! Thank you so much. The current conventional medical paradigm is going to be in for a rude awakening one day because so many more people are getting well via the natural route. My conventional doctor told me there was nothing I could do for my health and had little hope I could make any changes! What a joke! Thank you again. You have literally changed my life!” Jennifer  (city & state unknown)

With IBMS™, I feel peaceful and relaxed

“With IBMS™, I feel peaceful and relaxed-- more than I've ever felt. These cds are going to help change my life. Thanks again.” Gary Cahalane, London.

IBMS™ helped me give up chain smoking & alcohol

“My wife and I, in the course of a few weeks, are totally different people. With the help of the IBMS™, I am no longer a chain smoker nor a heavy drinker. Although it has only been 10 days since my wife and I have quit smoking, I definitely feel that this is a permanent great change. Thank you.”  Mike (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ lowers my stress levels

“I have been using the IBMS™ for several weeks and, skeptical as I was, I think it is actually helping me to lower a level of stress that I did not even realize I was experiencing.” Ed Brown, Kansas City, Missouri.

IBMS™ helped me to quit smoking

“It's almost difficult for me to believe. After doing my 8th session, I quit smoking. I've tried quitting before and used nicotine patches. This time, I didn’t need them. I am pleased to say that I have made it to my fourth day of being smoke free. I've been a heavy smoker for the last three years. It's as if my mind woke up one morning and said, "Hey I’m not going to smoke anymore". I'm not sure if I’m right or wrong but I think it's the IBMS™ program that helped me get in touch with my inner self and gave me enough energy to do the one thing that I’ve been wanting to do for so long. I've also noticed that I have been sleeping much better for the last few days. This program is easy and effective, and I think everyone should use it.” Beenish  (city & state unknown)

Stopped worrying.... and started enjoying life!

“I have always been the kind of person who worries about everything. I knew stress was starting to take its toll on me. After my first session I felt so light and free. I then continued with the 21 consecutive sessions and I couldn't’t believe how good I felt. Regrettably, I stopped using the sessions for a little while because of travel, and I could feel myself starting to worry a little more. All it took was one session to get me back on track. It’s so easy, enjoyable, and beneficial. I’m so happy with the IBMS™. I know so many people who could benefit from this.” Andrew Culpepper, Gibraltar, Missouri.

IBMS™ puts my mind at ease!

“I love the CD’s! They really help me to relax and put my mind at ease for the rest of the day. The doctor’s voice is very soothing and he makes you feel like you are really in another place. May God bless Dr. Coldwell for helping me and for helping everyone else using his wonderful CD’s! He is really a blessing!” Anne (city & state unknown)

Recovering from breast cancer: IBMS™ helps me to relax and alleviate stress

“A year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My decision was to have surgery, alleviating the need for chemotherapy and radiation. I was left with extreme fatigue and depression. IBMS™ has helped me to relax and alleviate stress. At first, I couldn't’t help falling asleep during the tapes because they were so relaxing. Now I am able to listen and relax completely. I feel stronger and happier, allowing my body to heal itself.” Deborah (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ changed the way I cope with life

“Learning about stress and it's potential for damage is so eye opening. I'm not interested in taking care of my symptoms. I want to know why there is a problem and then get to the root of that problem! I purchased the IBMS™ with the knowledge that much time and research had been invested to create it. That spoke volumes to me. I had to start the 21-day initial program over a couple of times. Taking time for myself was not a part of my everyday life. Even 20 minutes seemed huge. My stress levels have not changed, but my ability to deal with life has. I give full credit to the IBMS™, as that is the only thing I have done differently. I truly believe that the IBMS™ is essential to my daily life.” Penny  (city & state unknown)

Less anxiety.... More peaceful and confident with IBMS™!

“ I've had some very good nights rest lately. I feel more in control than ever before. I’m more confident and relaxed during the day and I handle my daily stress better. I am not so anxious anymore. I am more peaceful and confident.” Betty Flowers. (City & state unknown)

IBMS™ helps me relax easier & sleep soundly

“After using the IBMS™ for 30 days I found I was able to relax easier and sleep more soundly. The cds are amazing the way they stimulate me into a self healing mode after just a few sessions.” Eric Holberg (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ helps me recover from anxiety, panic attacks & depression

“Thank you for recommending the IBMS™, it is incredibly relaxing and refreshing! I have done the first two sessions but because of my condition of anxiety, panic attacks and depression I have not been able to fully concentrate on the narrative, I follow the instructions but sometimes my mind start to think of other things and then I get back and focus on the narrative. I already feel such a benefit.”  Jeff Purser. Bronx, New York.

Single Mom feels refreshed & well rested with IBMS™!

“I just want to thank you so much as the quality of my life has indeed improved from having completed the IBMS™. I feel great. I now wake up every morning at 5:30 a.m. feeling refreshed and well-rested. I definitely am better able to manage day-to-day stress, as I am a single mother of four. My mother is also listening to IBMS™. She suffers from bi-polar disorder." Makeisha (city & state unknown)

IBMS™ reduced my stress & anxiety

"I just finished the 21- DCS™ program and it has done wonders for me. I listened to three 20-minute sessions a day for 21 days and will continue to do so, these CDs have really helped me and reduced my stress and anxiety. Thank you very much!" Raff Paulic. Mississauga, Ontario. Canada

Feeling more confident with IBMS™!

I just finished 21 days with the IBMS™ cds and feel so much better and more confident about myself!  It is just what I needed. I have ordered more (advanced IBMS™ cds) and can't wait to get them. You're doing a wonderful work! Terry Higgins. Kearns, Utah

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