Stress Reduction CDs
  Introducing the IBMS™ Stress Reduction CD Package


Dr. Leonard Coldwell's CD Package consist of 3 Audio Cd's:

These high tech Audio CD's are the culmination of 30 years of research and clinical    practice, which have identified ways to produce the perfect combination of music and open suggestions for individual interpretation that enhance brain function. The audio-based program generates a mental visualization process, unique to the listener that facilitates a specific positive reaction to the sounds and words transmitted in a particular session. The process employs music purposefully composed to help synchronize the brain hemispheres and promotes the generation and growth of new dendrites (neuron connections). The music focuses the brain on specific brain frequencies in conjunction with specific verbal suggestions.   This process stimulates the nervous system enabling the listener to be revitalized and energized in 20 minutes           


The Total Relaxation Audio CD

Emotional, mental and physical stress can cause much damage to your health. Because the body only regenerates and heals when in a relaxed state or deep restful sleep, the only effective way to prevent this stress-induced damage is to experience frequent and effectual deep relaxation phases.   This session supplies its users with the core and foundation for the other sessions. It produces the most efficient relaxation phase in just 20 minutes, thus providing the equivalent of hours of deep restful sleep.   This session should be used as often as needed.   

Breathing Techniques Audio CD

     A lack of oxygen has been shown in many studies to be a possible cause of cancer    and many other illnesses.   This session provides the techniques and means necessary to improve your breathing techniques and oxygen levels while inducing a state of deep relaxation and absolute clarity of mind.   Optimum breathing can noticeably change the quality of your health and energy level.


Self Healing  Audio CD

This session can have an instant and dramatic positive effect on your health as it stimulates the body's healing and regenerating processes.   It is the best possible self-help session that enables you to take charge of your health by tapping into the root cause of illness.  It also helps heal the past.


Note: The techniques, sounds and music used in the audio session are based on modern science, clinical research, and therapeutic experience and have no religious or organizational affiliations.   


 Individual IBMS™ CDs

We recommend that customers begin by listening to the IBMS™ Stress Reduction or Quiet Time Stress Reduction For Christians Package, a 21- day program that includes (3 cds). After mastering the basics, try one of our 11 IBMS  cds.


 Test Anxiety. Eliminate your fear of tests, especially the tendency to forget, freeze up or get frazzled. Now you can perform to the best of your ability, by learning to relax and retain the information that you've studied. Recommended for teenagers and adults.

Pain Relief. Originally created for people suffering from chronic pain, this is a powerful self-help session for anyone who wants relief from their discomfort


Woods Retreat. Go on a mental vacation to the woods and enjoy the tranquility of being in the woods with the birds, trees and flowers. The effect is relaxing and regenerating.

Seaside Getaway. Go on a mental vacation to the beach, lie on the sand and enjoy the relaxation and regeneration from being in the sun at the beach.

Trauma Erase. Anybody who has suffered an emotional or mental trauma in their life should use this CD to heal.

Youthful, Beautiful You. A woman’s “Pick me up” remedy when you are rundown. It helps get rid of wrinkles; rejuvenates and makes you glow!

Muscle Power. Produces noticeable body building results when used prior to working out.

Fear of Flying. Eliminate fear of flying, anxiety, panic, loss of control, etc.

Power for Sales. Every sales person needs this powerful motivational sales session to get energized, pumped up. Turn No’s into Yes!

Play to Win (Tennis). Condition your brain to play your best tennis game.

Successful Relationships.   How to create successful personal and professional relationships.




"Stress Reduction for Christians"  
Allowing God to Guide Your Footsteps

For the first time ever! Dr. Leonard Coldwell created with the advice and help of
Christian Ministers and Pastors a stress reduction system for Christians.  
This is the Christian version of Dr. Coldwell’s famous IBMS™   stress reduction system.
The most sold and the most endorsed stress reduction system in the world.

Due to popular demand and countless requests from church members and ministers
Dr. Coldwell finally introduced Quiet Time.  The very first stress reduction system for Christians. 
The CD Set Includes: 

1. Letting Go - The Lords prayer for internal and external peace.

2. Prayer for Healing - This session allows you to get closer to your creator and his love and healing power.

3.Healthy Breathing - This session invites the Lord’s wholeness and breath of life into your body  mind & spirit. 

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