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IBMS™ was developed by Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who has a P.h.d. in Psychology. A native of Germany, Dr. Coldwell has been a natural health practitioner for the past 35 years. His specialty is cancer and stress-related illness.

Most of Dr. Coldwell’s patients had cancer and were considered “incurable” or terminal by the medical profession. Dr Coldwell treated them with a detoxification program that included a nutritional diet, counseling, and daily IBMS™ sessions for stress reduction. Remarkably, the majority of Dr. Coldwell's patients recovered and became well again.


One of Dr. Coldwell's patients was his own mother. She had terminal liver cancer, and the doctors gave her six months to live. Desperate to help his mother, Dr Coldwell researched and experimented with hundreds of natural remedies and alternative techniques.


Along the way, Dr. Coldwell discovered stress reduction. He began teaching his patients how to relax and let go of anxiety, frustration and tension. Ultimately, Dr Coldwell discovered the mind-body connection. If you train your mind to let go of stress, your body will release its stress too. Yes, the body follows the mind. Your thoughts control your feelings. When you release stress, tension and anxiety-- you will re-gain a sense of action, focus and control. By reducing stress in your life, you'll also have the energy, zest and vitality to perform at your best.


Today, Dr. Coldwell's mother is alive and thriving. In fact, 30 years have passed since she was initially diagnosed “incurable.” The IBMS™ system is the result of Dr. Coldwell’s research and work. Now you too can benefit from these remarkable IBMS™ soundtracks that have helped thousands of people in Germany, and are now available in English.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the personal physician for Kevin Trudeau in Europe and is the original Natural Cures Doctor.  Kevin Trudeau is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of his Mega Best Seller: “Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About” and refers to Dr. Coldwell and endorses Dr. Coldwell's system for nearly every health challenge.


Dr. Coldwell is the most endorsed holistic and alternative doctor in Europe.   His curing rate for so-called incurable diseases in Europe is legendary.  Dr. Peter Lange, President and Professor at  the Charitee in Berlin (the Charitee is the German equivalent of the N.I.H. ) says: "My colleague Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the David Copperfield of his field".   Politicians, Movie Stars, Presidents of many of the largest companies, Nobel prize winners in Medicine and celebrities from all walks of life are Dr. Coldwell's patients, clients and students.”


After sixteen years as a General Practitioner in Europe, Dr. Coldwell left general practice to concentrate on his applied research in stress and stress related diseases, with particular emphasis on cancer and other so-called incurable diseases.   Along the way, he became a noted consultant and trainer for multi-national corporations, charitable organizations and medical institutions. He retired (not practicing in the USA ) and moved to Charleston, SC,  in 2000 where he currently resides.  He is the founder of the "Modern Therapy Centers" and the "Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children" and he is President of the "World Wellness Organization™".


While in Europe, Dr. Coldwell was the author of eight bestselling books, countless articles, and hundreds of self-help audio programs. He remains a syndicated columnist with more than seven million readers and continues to author one of the most successful and widely distributed self-help newsletters in Europe. Over two million people have attended his life enhancing seminars.

An independent statistical institute estimated that Dr Coldwell worked with over 35,000 patients.


In addition to his appearances on numerous TV and radio stations around the world, he frequently appears on American TV news shows, radio shows and newspapers. Soon after the

tragedy of September 11, 2001, he was called on by the U.S. Naval Weapons Station in Charleston, SC, to address stress related problems as an expert on traumatic stress relief. He

continues to develop programs for firefighters, military, police and other professionals to relieve stress, and he is active in the community as a volunteer for charity and nonprofit activities; particularly his "Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children".


Dr. Coldwell is a strong supporter of our troops. He was the keynote speaker at the Rally for the Troops – "Let Freedom Ring”.  His powerful speech was broadcast worldwide by Clear Channel radio and because of popular demand was replayed several times.   He is recognized by President George W. Bush, the US Congress, the South Carolina Governor as well as Senators and Congressmen and the leaders of the Veterans organization and Churches around the country. His support for the Medical University of South Carolina ended with a standing ovation.


Congressman Joe Wilson presented Dr. Coldwell at the US Congress with a special recognition that stated: "Best wishes to my good friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell, appreciate your promotion of Democracy."  Warmest Regards, Joe Wilson, Member of Congress.


In 2000, Dr. Coldwell made the decision to invest his time, knowledge and experience in teaching and consulting to help make a better world for children and parents. Through his children's foundation, he is helping teachers, parents and children deal with stress and drugs in the local schools. Further, he is well into the planning stages for the world's largest most comprehensive health resort. His plan is to house every mainstream, alternative, holistic and integrated therapy system in one location so that patients will have access to state-of-the-art healing arts and practices in a wellness setting unique to the world.


Finally, Dr. Coldwell is in the final stages of completing a multimedia self-help library that addresses all aspects of life and the human condition. The system is called: Library of Life™


Contact Information:

Dr Coldwell will answer every question directed to him.

Please write to:  instinctbasedmedicine@gmail.com 




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